The lyrics mentioned in the last post are finished. For now. The song’s almost done too, but it needs one more part to give it more edge. I did a recording of the vocals here at home to hear what it will sound like. It’s still weird, listening to my own words, coming from my own mouth. These lyrics are more personal and direct than anything I’ve written before. I’m wondering if they’re too personal, if that’s possible. Or maybe it’s just too soon. Maybe. Time mellows emotions however, and emotion makes powerful music so waiting is not always better. In fact, if you come out of a difficult situation and the first thing you do is to pick up an instrument and write a song about it, like right after, isn’t that the most compelling piece of music you can think of? Confused, angry, unbalanced perhaps, but so powerful! Alas, it will take a while longer before we can start recording the new songs, this is a band effort after all, but I daresay the wait will be worthwhile.

Thank you for sticking around,


Listening to Anna Calvi – The Devil

Just watched: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

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