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Welcome back! There hasn’t been much news from our side in the last months, but as the temperature drops and the days get shorter, we’re getting back in the mood for doom. (I mean, more than usual.) We did finish the design and lay out this week and sent it to the printer along with the master. And as we wait for 500 cd’s to arrive on the doorstep, I’m going to give you some updates.

First of all: the album’s title is ‘De zwaarte van het doorstane’ (translation: the burden of the experience) and it will be released on the 6th of November at this year’s Dutch Doom Days IX in Rotterdam. Yes, the people from Baroeg offered us a spot on the bill, for which we are very grateful indeed! This will be the perfect opportunity for us to release the album as it is one of the biggest annual events in the scene with doom metal fans coming in from many different countries. We actually played our very first show at the DDD three years ago and got some very positive reactions then. One can only hope that the response will be even warmer this time around.

Second: the album’s tracklisting:

1.       Verlangen

2.       Meer dan je ziet

3.       De zwaarte

4.       Een droom in 6/8

5.       Duett

If you scroll down to a post from way back in February, you’ll see that Dwaaluur didn’t make it to the final cut. The reason for this is that, after deep consideration, it just felt better as a stand-alone track. The new opener ‘Verlangen’ is more representative of the album and ‘Dwaaluur’ just didn’t quite fit in anywhere else. We still love it though and it’s on Bandcamp where you can download it for free. Demo recordings of ‘Verlangen’ and ‘Meer dan je ziet’ have been online since September but will soon be replaced by the album versions. The changes in the songs are not big but the intro to ‘Meer dan je ziet’, for example, is greatly improved.

And lastly: in the coming month we’re going to upload the album to our music page one song at a time. Every week we’ll publish another track for you to stream, download, share and get to know. Each submission will be accompanied by ‘thoughts behind the music’, reflecting on the writing process and lyrics. We’re very aware that once the album is out, it will be freely available from various other sources anyway, but we hope people will bother to visit our site and get it from us first hand. After we release the physical album at the DDD, we will make it available from our website as well. Stay tuned for more information on that.

For now, we take our hat off to you and pass it around because we’re crazy like that.

Be back soon!

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