Akelei starts in early 2006 with the intention to create atmospheric and emotional music. The first recordings result in a demo titled Promo ’08, featuring four tracks and clocking in at just under 40 minutes. Songs have since been characterised by slow paces and multi-layered guitar work. Contrast is evident: there is light and heaviness, clarity and distortion, ambience and distance. All of these elements combined create the signature doom metal style the band is known for today. A debut full-length comes out in November 2010 and is presented at that year’s Dutch Doom Days festival. More gigs follow and the writing of more material never stops. However, new work doesn’t appear until 2021’s Een van ons. The EP’s title track marks the group’s first studio recording with keys and string sections. Like everything else in Akelei’s discography, the three-song record is released independently.

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