Song #3: De zwaarte

This song is arguably the heaviest of the bunch. Electric Wizard’s album We Live inspired to write the main riff, ’nuff said. There’s also a chorus of sorts, without singing. Maybe that doesn’t make much sense but it feels like a chorus so that’s what we call it. For this part I recycled a melody from my drone/doom project, adding more layers and rearranging it for three guitars + bass.

The fact that we have three guitar players in the band allows us to play many melodies simultaneously and we try to make the most use of it. So, for example, we can have double leads while keeping one guitar on the riff. Some people have asked us why we don’t use keyboards instead. I think the answer is that we just love this sound more. I really can’t imagine Akelei with keyboards. (Maybe a piano some day, but only a real piano will do.)

Lyrically, this song is a bit detached, not as personal as the others. I had this idea in my head that bad things will always happen in our lives, regardless. There are few warnings and there is no fairness in life. To worry about what may come is a waste of time. The only insight lies in hindsight: learn from the past to answer the questions of today. But first we must learn to accept the way things are. A brave 18-year old girl from Kristiansund put it this way:

Face your fear. Accept your war. It is what it is.


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  • Hi Misha,

    I really like the songs you shared with us so far. This track especially, it’s quitte long but it stays interesting, I think that’s a great achievement. Keep on rocking!

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