Downloading temporarily unavailable

Due to an increased number of downloads, we’ve run out of the 200-free-per-month download credits provided by Bandcamp much faster than we had anticipated. That’s 200 in 1 week, quite a lot for a band like us. Additional downloads are being ordered but this will take up to a few days so we ask for your patience. One solution would be to charge money for downloads but we don’t like the idea so much. Check back later this week for updates on our Bandcamp status.

Other wordly developments have suddenly, and rather unexpectedly, called for a review of PayPal, a website for making international payments. Akelei will no longer use their services, that much is clear. (This is no longer relevant!)  Where we go from here is not. Bank transfers between European countries are not a problem but we will need an alternative for orders from other parts of the world. In any case, if you want to buy our album, please get in touch through info [at] akelei [dot] org and we’ll find a way.

Stay true,


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