Line up news

Last Friday we had the first rehearsal with our new bass player Harm. Our line up is complete again, at last! Harm’s the youngest member of Akelei – he’s 20 – but he has been playing bass for some years now and he was plucking along nicely during a run of our set. We’re also going to share some vocal parts, background and harmonies and the like, and that’s something we want to employ more in the new songs. Little choir parts like the one on Dwaaluur and entwined vocal melodies. We’re having one more band rehearsal before the summer break and we’ll be back in Tilburg after August. We really want to do shows in the fall as it’s been a quiet half year for us. So get in touch now if you want some Dutch doom on your stage.


P.S. Here’s a photo we took right after Friday’s rehearsal:

L-R: Merlijn, Misha, Ward, Harm, Pascal
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