New gig and Omit and stuff

Hey there! Finally back with some news. We’re doing a gig again. We will play at the Brainstorm festival in Apeldoorn on Saturday the 5th of November. That’s one day short of the first anniversary of our debut album. And it will be our first show with Harm on bass. Our set will be 30 minutes and we’re the first band on that day so hopefully people show up early for some doom. Bands performing after us include Cirrha Niva and Becoming the Archetype. You’ll find a flyer with the complete line-up below this post. Tickets can be ordered at

If you haven’t heard already, Secret Quarters released Omit‘s debut double album last month and you should check it out. It features Cecilie Langlie (from our Duett) on vocals. Definitely much better news from Oslo than the tragic and shocking events that took place there in July… It’s the best doom metal album I’ve heard all year and one of the best debuts in several years. The music is highly atmospheric and emotional with classical arrangements, including strings, piano and lengthy compositions. Hear samples here and order the double cd (5 songs, 85 minutes) here. Essential album, not to be missed!

So what has Akelei been up to in the last couple of months? The answer is quite simple and perhaps boring: writing. Just as I thought we had some promising songs nearing completion, I got tired with how they sounded and decided to rewrite and rearrange everything. The focus now lies on creating ever-developing segments instead of repeating the same parts over and over again. That’s enough challenge as it is but we’re also incorporating new instruments and vocal arrangements. I daresay the next album will sound rather different from the first! I can’t give away much at all just yet, but I can tell you this is a passionate learning process, sometimes painful, often slow, but always deeply rewarding.

That’s it for now. Let me close off with a nice quote on music:

…The history of mankind is the history of searching for distraction and justifying its purpose. From the birth of art on cave walls, to the creation of gods, from the invention of medieval love, to the philosophies of today’s existentialism and pursuit of happiness, mankind has desperately tried to live beyond the confines of the physics that shackle him. But no matter how hard you shout above those voices at the back of your head, you will eventually hear them. And this is reflected in music, the great spiller of our secrets…

Thank you, Beerman (and cheers)


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