New gig and video

We played a new song at our gig in Dordrecht last month. Our good friend Wouter caught everything on camera (dankjewel!) and together we edited a video for the as of yet untitled new track. We had a great time at the Popcentrale by the way. It was organised very well and it’s a comfortable venue with quite good sound and facilities. A good number of people showed up right from the beginning and fun times were had by all. Cheers to Ben and Popcentrale for a great Doom Day! Also thank you Heavy Lord for being so ridiculously Heavy. Man, that show rocked.

Now, for our second gig this year we will be supporting none other than The Gathering in their ’92 line-up reunion! Also playing that evening are The 11th Hour, so it’s a fantastic combination of bands that no doom lover can afford to miss. This will take place on Sunday 16 September at Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht. Yes, write it down. You can buy tickets here:

This is such a nice opportunity for the band and me personally. The Gathering is my favourite Dutch band, I’ve been a fan since ‘Mandylion’ came out and their atmospheric sound has definitely influenced Akelei’s music. I didn’t really know the band at the time of their debut album ‘Always…’ but I remember seeing the video for ‘King for a Day’ on TV and thinking it looked very mysterious, hehe. They will be playing ‘Always…’ in its entirety. We’re looking forward to this one a lot and hope to see you all there!



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