One year later

It’s true, we’ve neglected this page for too long. About time for an update.

The last gig we did with Akelei (with The Gathering in Utrecht, September 2012) was also Ward’s last performance with us. He had grown unhappy with the heavier aspects of our music while the rest of the band still enjoy the distorted guitars and pounding drums too much to let go of that. We’ve gone separate ways now, as friends, and from around March we were looking for a new drummer.

That search came to an end last September, after Remco contacted us and auditioned for the spot. We liked the guy right away and his style fits the music so well that we welcomed him to the band there and then. We have since rehearsed songs from our live set as well as jammed on some new ideas.

We also decided that our focus now should be on completing the new songs we are writing. As anybody who has kept on eye on us these last couple of years knows, this is a slow process. One of these weeks, I will try to explain on this blog why it takes (me in particular) so much time to write. For now we can share that three new songs are finished (music, not lyrics) and three more are still under construction.

So, keep an eye on these pages, I will try to bring more regular updates on our progress! Signing off with a picture of the new line-up.

L-R: Misha, Pascal, Remco, Harm, Merlijn


Listening to: Hjálmar Ég vil fá mér kærustu

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