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What’s up with Akelei

Welcome back! Here’s the news: we are looking to start recording our newest songs. Possibly already this month. More information on where and who we’ll be working with will follow in a later post, so stay tuned. For now, I can say that the plan is to record six songs, all of which were written in the past couple of years and some of which we’ve performed live already. We are currently rehearsing and finetuning the material so we’ll head into the studio prepared. I’m still writing lyrics for some songs and it’s proving to be yet another tough challenge. Making some progress, but it’s slooowww…

Other news: we have two confirmed live dates for the near future. First up, we’ll be playing at Bar American, Middelburg on April 17 together with Rosie.


And on May 14, we will make a return to the legendary Baroeg! There, Akelei shares the stage with none other than Isole, Officium Triste and Jack Frost.


In November last year, we were welcomed back to another great edition of the Brainstorm Fest at Gigant, Apeldoorn. See the video below for a good impression of that gig.

That’s it for now. More news as we get it!


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