Rehearsal update [6 October ’19]

Akelei back in the rehearsal room to bring you more doom

There’s a couple of interesting new songs I’ve been working on these past few months. They’re based on a collection of riffs I recorded a year ago during one particularly inspired afternoon at home. They are the kind of riffs that kind of remind me of early My Dying Bride or Anathema songs, heavy yet melodic. After figuring that there were at least two actual songs in there, I got thinking about making them a potential future recording project. I don’t feel like writing a full length’s worth of material in this style but the two songs, both just under ten minutes long, would fit nicely on a LP record. We haven’t released any music on vinyl yet and I think the medium could be quite suitable for this project. The idea is to record the songs on tape, live in the studio. When I talked to Ward, Akelei’s first drummer and co-founder, he showed enthusiasm for the plan and we decided to join forces once again! Our next step is to complete writing the lyrics and vocal lines and decide on the arrangements. You can see us below in the rehearsal room in Delft:

In the meantime, production of the EP is still in full swing. Violin recordings are taking place this week so these are exciting times 🙂 More on that when I’m back from the studio!


Listening to: Kauan Siiville nousu

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