EP reviews [6 February ’22]

Horrible weather today: heavy winds and rain… I’m looking forward to my Sunday afternoon walk and enjoying the sensations shortly, but first let me get this post out of the way. I’ve been wanting to compile the media attention Een van ons has received so far and that includes eight (very positive) reviews, two end-of-year lists and one interview. A big thank you to the writers for taking the time to listen and write about Akelei, it is much appreciated! I’ll start with the English reviews, then there’s one in Portuguese (from Brazil), one in Italian and the remaining four are in Dutch. These are the ones that were forwarded to me, by the way. If additional reviews come to light, I will make sure to add them to this list.

Headbanger Reviews: https://headbangerreviews.wordpress.com/2022/01/21/akelei-een-van-ons/

Wonderbox Metal: https://wonderboxmetal.com/2022/01/02/akelei-een-van-ons-review/

The Old Coffin Spirit (BR): https://theoldcoffinspirit.com/akelei-een-van-ons-ep-2021/

Mournful Sounds (IT): https://mournfulsounds.com/2022/01/11/akelei-een-van-ons/

Zware Metalen (NL): https://zwaremetalen.com/albumrecensies/akelei-een-van-ons

Wings of Death (NL): https://www.wingsofdeath.net/80453-Akelei-Een-Van-Ons

Progwereld (NL): https://www.progwereld.org/recensie/akelei-een-van-ons/

Never Mind the Hype (NL): https://nmth.nl/akelei-een-van-ons-ep-release/


The EP also appeared on a few end-of-year lists and was even voted ‘best Dutch EP’ by Dutch rock & metal zine Never Mind the Hype. That was awesome and very surprising!

Never Mind the Hype (NL): https://nmth.nl/de-10-beste-nederlandse-eps-van-2021/

Scene Point Blank: https://www.scenepointblank.com/features/music/2021-a-year-in-review/?page=2


Then lastly, an interview with Mark from The Coroners Report:

The Coroners Report: https://www.thecoronersreportmag.com/post/akelei-one-among-us


What else is happening? Well, I’m working on sheet music (tablature) for all of the new songs – released and unreleased – so that we can finally start putting together a new show with the live band. It’s a lot of work and every song needs some rearranging for it to work in a live setting. It is an exciting idea to be able to perform them once everything comes together. The intro to ‘Hierna‘ for instance, that’s just begging for a stage performance.

Anyway, I’m off to my walk, I need the fresh air! Cheers,


Listening to: Rïcïnn Doris

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