Two shows this month [2 March ’23]

Akelei live

I’m not sure if we’ve ever done two shows in a month before. We haven’t played that many shows at all, really. Our next one is a bit special. This Saturday, we’re playing the Koornbeurs in Delft. This is a youth club that caters to the indie/alternative crowd. I went there all the time as a young adult, even organising gigs for a few years. The building is quite old, monumental, and it has a cellar which houses the club’s bar and most of the activities. They host a recurring ‘Metal Café’ and this month’s edition just happens to be a Metal Café XXL. With six bands on the bill, they could easily call it a festival. Akelei will play first. Then Josha gets a break before he’s back on drums for Carceri‘s gig. Carceri is the band that evolved from Heavy Mozart, which we started together as teens. HM performed at the Koornbeurs a couple of times as well, in the cellar, the hall upstairs (now a restaurant) and out front during ‘Koornbeurs Open Air’. I have some photos from that time:

So it will be nice to be back on our old stomping ground and probably our gigs will feel a little nostalgic. I hope the people who show up are in the mood for doom metal as all the other bands play more extreme types of metal, mostly death and thrash. In any case, I’m sure it will be a fun night! Check out the poster:



Our second date in March is Vitus Frank’s Birthday Doom Bash. Frank is a fan of ours and he’s turning 55. His idea of a party is having two doom bands on stage and so he invited us to play as well as The Temple from Greece. We totally agree of course and happily accepted! This celebration will take place at Little Devil bar in Tilburg on the 18th. Poster:

I’m working on something else too but I can’t share the details yet. Be sure to check back for updates!


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