Recording update [4 September ’19]

An update on the EP recording progress (or: the satisfactory conclusion to a very rigid search)

In the previous update, where I said recording violin was to be the next step, I didn’t actually know at the time who would be playing the violin. I wrote the string parts myself, with what limited knowledge of violin technique I have, the help of a keyboard and my E-bow as well. Then I needed to find an experienced player who knows how to accentuate and perform the written music with intensity and emotion. I talked to a few violinists but no one seemed to be fit for the job. And then Ward (our ex-drummer and longtime friend!) suggested I contact Julia, someone he’d jammed with before. So I did. Julia has made a very professional impression so far and we’ve agreed that she’s the right choice for the part. We’re currently looking at possible studio hours for the first half of October. We will record at Koert Berends’ (KoBe Audio) studio in The Hague. [Edit: that didn’t happen!] The search for a viola player is ongoing, by the way. I wish to present you with the result of that effort in the next blog post!


Listening to: The 3rd and the Mortal  Song

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